COVID-19 Procedures

Our aim is to keep both you and us safe during these challenging times. Implementing social distancing as well as providing a clean environment for your stay. Touch points such as door handles, light switches and bannisters are sanitised regularly.

Please could I remind you that if we have more than one set of guests staying, you should wear a mask in communal areas except at the dining table or whilst having tea in the lounge.

We have a NHS Qr code for you to scan, one in the hall or on the fridge on the landing.
Hand sanitiser and wipes are available in the entrance hall, bedrooms, dining room and lounge. We would be grateful if you could use these when entering and leaving the building.

Bedding and towels are professionally laundered, toiletries and tea trays completely changed between guests. All soft furnishings steam cleaned whilst hard surfaces are sanitised.

We will not be servicing rooms during your stay but we can replenish upon request. Please leave your rubbish outside your bedroom door and I will collect it.

Breakfast will be slightly different to normal, everything delivered to you rather than the usual buffet, so may take a little longer. In order to help with this and save too long await for you we will discuss breakfast the night before. I am sorry if I look a little different but it is for your safety as much as mine. I am sure I can be as friendly!

We are happy to take bank transfers if you prefer. We are not operating a cancellation policy at this time.

Whilst you are here if you develop any symptoms then please inform us straight away and we can develop a necessary plan. You alert us by text 07711 209956.

On the day of departure please leave your bedroom window open, Key in the door and leave out any hairdryers etc you have used for sanitising

many thanks,